Leo Mol


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My name is Daniel Orlikow. When I began collecting art, the first artist that interested me was Leo Mol. Even though my art collection now includes other artists including Group of Seven original works, my primary artist of interest remains Leo Mol. I feel that he is very talented and I wish to continue building my collection. I am primarily interested in purchasing  originals works by Leo Mol or other quality artists such as the Group of Seven, Beaver Hill Group, William Kureluk, Emily Carr and others. I am a private collector with no overhead. I will make you a very fair offer for any items of quality you wish to sell. I would also welcome any interesting trades or offers on anything you see on the website. What is on my website represents only a small portion of what I own. Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation unbiased opinion of whatever any important works of quality by Leo Mol or other listed artists you may wish to sell.

Dan Orlikow